The Opteo Scorecard, reimagined

We've reorganised the Overview page into a new "Scorecard" layout.

With this new Scorecard, you'll be able to scan your account to quickly visualise where to focus your efforts. We'll back our grades with supporting statistics and graphs, and we'll even tell you how you can improve them 😉

New Feature: Annotations ✍️

We've just released "Annotations" 🎉 🎉

You can now annotate the graphs in the "Performance" tab to mark important events in your AdWords account, eg. Client website went down, conversion tracking fixed, trying out new bid strategy... We'll also automatically generate annotations based on your AdWords change history and on your activity in Opteo.

It's helpful to annotate your changes to later help yourself make sense of any fluctuations in your performance data. (It's also useful to have notes when you need to explain to a client what you've been doing.)

You can always find all of your notes, organized in chronological order, in the new "Annotations" tab.

Website Redesign

Shiny new website made its way onto the internet this morning 🎉

Go check it out on 👀

App Redesign & Streamlined Improvement Inbox

This UI version is our most refined design yet.

We've reworked the Opteo interface to emphasise the information that matters. When it comes to decision making, the less visual noise, the better.

At the heart of this new design, is a streamlined improvement inbox.

Our improvement tasks already allowed you to greatly speed up AdWords optimization. Now, once you've approved a task, you can already be on to the next one...

Slack Integration for AdWords Alerts

Love Slack? So do we. We just released a Slack integration so that you can receive live Adwords updates about major shifts in KPIs, right in Slack!

Just head over to your Account Settings to set this up! You'll see an Add to Slack button in the "Notification Settings" section:

Once you set it up you'll get alerts right in Slack, like this!

We're working on more Slack messages, so stay tuned!

New Task: Ad Schedule Bidding 📅 🕙 📈

Ad schedule bids, one of our most awaited feature requests, went live this morning 💪

This task will recommend bid modifiers to:

  • reduce ad spend at poor performing times of the week
  • increase exposure at the best times

Keep an eye out for this new task in your task lists!

New feature: Segments ⚡

Today, we're excited to release our first version of "Segments".

Segments is a new way to quickly identify the areas of your Adwords account that are doing particularly well and those that aren't.

Before Segments, there wasn't really an easy way to explore CPA performance across various areas of your account -- you would use Adwords' native "Dimensions" tab. But sifting through Dimensions data usually involves CSV downloads, calculations of CPAs vs. targets, and many a pivot table in good ol' Excel.

With segments, you'll immediately discover where to allocate your time & budget to grow conversions and reduce CPA.

We hope you'll love it!

We're starting a changelog!

Big news today, we're starting a public changelog! Now, you'll always be in the know when it comes to all the updates, improvements and fixes that are made in Opteo.

Even though we work at improving Opteo every day, it may sometimes seem like not much is happening. This changelog is here to make the evolution of Opteo more transparent and improve communication between you and us.

Everything we change in the widget is available on our public changelog page, and you'll always receive an update by chat or email.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Opteo will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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