RSA Writer

Today we're excited to announce the release of RSA Writer, our tool for writing and publishing responsive search ads. With a host of new features, ranging from AI generated assets to recommended search terms, as well as proven classics like copyable competitor ads, Opteo now has all the tools you need to write best-in-class search creative.

To get started now, head over to Toolkit and open the RSA Writer tool. Otherwise, keep reading for an overview of the incoming features, as well as our plans to improve RSA asset management in Google Ads.

AI Generated Assets — We've partnered with Anyword to provide AI generated assets for each of your ad groups. The Anyword algorithm is trained on $250m of monthly ad spend, and generates suggestions based on high-performing ad creative. These assets can be copied to your RSA at the click of a button, or adjusted as required.

Ad Score — Each of your campaigns and ad groups is assigned an Ad Score by Opteo. This score is based on a numer of factors like search term inclusion, click through rate, creative freshness, and number of headline assets. As a general rule, groups with low ad scores need the most attention and might perform better with some fresh creative.

Campaign Library — All available headline and description assets in the parent campaign are available to copy with the click of a button. No more switching between ads to copy snippets, get everything you need to write consistent, high-performing ad creative in one place.

Realistic Previews — Preview your RSAs in our replica Google SERP, see exactly how your RSAs will look and feel before pushing them live.

We also have plans to build an all-in-one asset library to manage and update shared assets across your account. This feature will be useful for pushing bulk changes to ads, as well as ensuring your brand assets render consistently across campaigns. Scheduled for release in 2023.

We hope you find RSA Writer useful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message our support team. If you need to see a more detailed feature breakdown, please head over to our help docs.

As always, we'll be working to fix any bugs or issues that pop up over the coming days. If you notice anything that looks like a bug, or if you have any ideas that could help us improve RSA Writer, please don't hesitate to send our customer support team a message.