Linked Accounts

Another quick update to share, Linked Accounts has been redesigned from the ground up. MCCs imported from Google Ads are now shared with everyone on your team — no need to import them individually for each user. Making changes across larger teams is now much improved with our updated batch functionality, you can link as many accounts as needed, as well as assign team members in bulk. Pricing plan limits are now displayed front and centre, so you can easily see which accounts will fit within your limits. In addition, we're excited to introduce a host of smaller features to make using Linked Accounts easier than ever.

To get started, simply head to Linked Accounts and select an account. Please note — this update may affect your team member assignments and previously linked accounts. If you manage a larger team in Opteo, we'd recommend checking your permissions are set as desired.

As always, we'll be working hard to fix any bugs that come up. If you notice anything that looks like a bug, or if you have an idea that could help improve Linked Accounts for everyone, please send our customer support team a message, or submit a feature request.