Introducing N-Gram and Shopping Improvements

The first of our improvement-focused releases — we're excited to introduce several new improvement types to the Opteo ecosystem.

Reduce N-Gram Bids — This improvement was designed to reduce wasted spend by identifying low-performing keyword n-grams and recommending bid reductions where appropriate.

Add N-Gram Negative — A similar focus to above, however instead of recommending bid reductions, this improvement suggests adding significantly underperforming n-grams as negative keywords.

Adjust Product Group Bid — This improvement compares individual product group performance against your targets, recommending appropriate bid adjustments according to your performance data.

Resync Product Groups — Staying in sync with Google Merchant Center can be painful when adding new products on a regular basis. This improvement checks for new product entries, recommending new subdivisions based on your existing group and performance data.

As always, we'll be working to fix any bugs or issues that pop up over the coming days. If you notice anything that looks like a bug, or if you have any ideas to improve any of these improvements, please don't hesitate to send our customer support team a message.