Adjust Ad Group Targets

Today we're excited to introduce Adjust Ad Group Targets, our new improvement that recommends target adjustments for individual ad groups in campaigns with a Target ROAS or Target CPA.

When setting a campaign-level target, Google optimises towards this target regardless of the performance of individual ad groups. In reality, ad groups can produce drastically different results, with CPA/ROAS values much higher or lower than the campaign average.

Adjust Ad Group Targets works by adjusting the targets of individual ad groups based on historical performance data, working to bring CPA/ROAS values closer in line with the campaign average.

This protects against less-than-optimal budget allocation, preventing Google from bidding on queries that lead to expensive conversions, or queries that produce a low ROAS. For more detailed information and technical notes, please head over to our help docs.

As always, we'll be working hard to fix any bugs that come up. If you notice anything that looks like a bug, or if you have an idea that could help improve your Adjust Ad Group Targets experience, please make sure to send our support team a message.