A New Opteo

We've been working hard over the past 18 months to rebuild Opteo from the ground up — to set the foundations for an exciting future.

We want to give Opteo users the innovative features they deserve, to help marketing managers solve real problems that move the needle, and to respond to the ever-changing world of Google Ads in a much more timely fashion. This release is the first step towards that future.

With this release, nothing much should change in terms of your day to day Opteo experience. The application should load faster, be easier to use, more accessible, and generally much nicer all round. A few things have moved to new locations, most notably Campaign Groups and Scorecard, but otherwise everything should be much the same.

More importantly, this release sets the stage for our upcoming slate of features and updates. Over the next few months, we're scheduled to release a complete overhaul of improvements, brand new tools like RSA Writer and N-Gram Generator, our Microsoft Ads integration, Algorithm Settings, some interface goodies — and so much more.

In the meantime, we'll be working to fix any bugs or issues that might come up. If you notice anything that doesn't look quite right, or if you have an idea that could improve your day to day Opteo experience, please don't hesitate to send our customer support team a message.