Opteo release notes
Opteo release notes

Sunsetting Average Position





On September 30th Google sunset average position, replacing it with Impression (Absolute Top)% and Impression (Top)%. To account for the change, we:

1) Updated the Adjust Keyword Bid algorithm

In the past, Opteo would only recommend increasing a high-performing keyword's bid if the average position was below 1.15.

Now, we use Impression (Absolute Top)% instead of average position. If the keyword already has a very high Impression (Absolute Top)%, we won't recommend increasing the bid.

2) Display new metrics in Improvements

When Opteo generates an Improvement, we display any relevant statistics to help you decide if you'd like to push the Improvement.

Keyword bid Improvements will now display Impression (Absolute Top)%, to help you estimate how adjusting the bid might impact impressions. For example, if a keyword is performing well and Impression (Absolute Top)% is low, it makes sense to increase its bid to drive more volume.

You'll also see Impression (Absolute Top)% and Impression (Top)% in our Write New Ad and Pause Ad Improvements. These new metrics add context to CTR. For example, you wouldn't want to compare the CTR of two ads with drastically different Impression (Absolute Top)% because, typically, a higher Impression (Absolute Top)% means a higher CTR.

3) Removed average position from Performance and Manage

Since average position is now unavailable, you'll no longer see it in your Performance graphs or the Manage table.