ROAS Performance Mode

Today we're excited to release ROAS Performance Mode. This update introduces full ROAS compatibility across Opteo, powering everything from improvements to performance graphs, reports, and more.

You can enable ROAS Performance Mode by heading to the Settings page, scrolling to the Performance Mode section, and selecting ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) from the dropdown menu provided.

CPA has long been a foundational performance metric, however we understand that some advertisers prioritise ROAS because it allows them to understand the relationship between revenue and ad spend in more detail. With this update, you have access to both the ROAS and Conversion Value data needed to make profit-focused decisions.

The following features have been updated to work with ROAS:

Improvements — 17 improvement types benefit from ROAS support, including keyword management and bid optimisation improvements like Add Negative N-Gram, Fix Below First Page Bid, Pause Keyword, and Adjust Demographic Bids. In addition, traffic exclusions such as Disable Search Partners and Content Exclusions, are also compatible. With ROAS mode enabled, improvements will be generated based on ROAS and Conversion Value data, rather than CPA and Conversions.

Performance — Monitor performance, diagnose issues and explore segments with new ROAS and Conversion Value performance charts.

Reports — Get new ROAS focused report slides like Conversion Value Summary, ROAS Summary, and ROAS Targets. In addition, our existing slides have been updated to feature ROAS and Conversion Value data. These slides include Google Ads Summary, Top Performing Ads, Top Performing Keywords, and Top Performing Segments.

Toolkit — Access ROAS and Conversion Value data in Scorecard, RSA Writer and Bidding Experiments. Analyse search terms based on ROAS and Conversion Value data when writing RSAs.

As always, we hope you find these updates useful. We'll be working to fix any bugs that pop up over the coming days. If you notice anything that looks like a bug, or have an idea that could improve this feature, please don't hesitate to send our customer support team a message.