Opteo release notes
Opteo release notes

Opteo 1.0.0






This is a big update, so we’ve grouped changes by where they appear in the app. Scroll to find out about the new things you can do in Account Centre, Improvements, Performance, Manage, and a few other places!


Account Centre


  • Fit your AdWords management around your schedule — Opteo is responsive across all your devices! (This one counts for Improvements, Performance and Account Settings too.)

  • You can now view your accounts in either grid or list format. Switch back and forth with the Grid and List buttons in the Account Centre sidebar.

  • We heard lots of users asking for more control over how Accounts are organised inside the app. So, you can now sort your accounts by name, number of available improvements, or spend.

  • Don’t see the account you need? Quickly access Linked Accounts right from the Account Centre, using the new Linked Accounts button.




  • Introducing two new improvements — Adjust Locations Bids allows you to adapt bids to different geographic areas, while Add Negative Keyword to Shopping Campaign kicks off our support for Shopping campaigns.

  • Improvement tasks now pop out on their own, distraction-free page, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

  • Active Improvements can now be sorted by priority, type, or date created. Plus, improvement types are alphabetised for easy scanning and filtering.

  • Brand new Improvement Statistics shows you information about your completed improvements in the past week and over all-time. Useful for monitoring your activity over time.

  • See Dismissed Improvements grouped by date, open each improvement to view details and data, and see when they're due to revert to active.

  • New icons and colour schemes for Improvement buttons clearly indicate when and where Opteo will make a change to your AdWords account.




  • We get a lot of export-related feature requests, so we’re excited to introduce the first of many export features to come, Export Scorecard. With this release, you can download an account's Scorecard as a neat .PDF file with clear, descriptive, client-facing copy.

  • Brand your Scorecard with a company logo, and use the Filter button to choose which pages to feature in the final document.

  • Type in dates directly or select from the calendar, go backwards, and use new Cancel & Apply buttons to firm your selections.

  • We’ve removed graph annotations, making way for a big-time future update to Notes and Graphs… watch this space.

  • Users with large accounts, you’ll find Scorecard now loads where it didn’t before. Sorry about that one — we hope you love it!




  • More loading fixes and smoother scrolling for large accounts.

  • Compare account stats at the campaign group level, with new power to collapse campaign groups.

  • Under Campaign Groups, we’ve replaced the manual Save Changes button with an auto-save function, so your edits are always safe.


Linked Accounts, Billing, etc.


  • When linking or unlinking accounts, hover over the spend of any account to see it converted into USD, for quick calculations. It’s our first step to providing an easier understanding of spend across your accounts.

  • Take control of all invoices and their details in one place, with the new Invoice Settings button.