Opteo release notes
Opteo release notes

New Improvements





Today we're excited to announce three new Improvements!

Adjust Device Bids

Device bid adjustments has been one of our most popular feature requests so we're really excited to share this Improvement with you!

The Adjust Device Bid Improvement allows you to show your ads more or less frequently to searchers using specific devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, or Connected TV.

Opteo uses Google's bid simulations and our own machine learning to calculate the perfect bid adjustment. This will help you to reduce costs and capture more conversions for your budget. You can read more about the Adjust Device Bid Improvement in the help doc here.

Adjust Conversion Attribution Model

By default Google Ads uses Last Click attribution. This tends to overvalue bottom-of-funnel campaigns (like Brand or Remarketing), and undervalue top-of-funnel campaigns containing high volume, generic keywords.

If you have a conversion action which uses Last Click attribution, Opteo will recommend that you switch to Position Based. This should give you a better understanding of ad performance and help you optimise ad creative across different stages of your funnel. More details on how this works here.

Add Location Name as Negative Keyword

Opteo checks campaign search term reports for search terms containing location names. If the campaign isn't set up to target the location mentioned, Opteo will suggest adding the location to your negative keywords list.

For example, if you're selling blue roses in Italy and your ads are triggered by a search for ‘blue roses Canada’, it's highly unlikely that the searcher will find your ads relevant to them. You can learn more about how it all works here.