New Feature: Manage 🚀

We've been hard at work for the past few months, and we're finally ready to release Manage -- a simple, unified table that allows you to access and modify every single Campaign, Adgroup, Keyword, and Ad in a given account.

The AdWords interface can feel heavy for much of the AdWords day-to-day. It is powerful and comprehensive, but also complicated and slow.

Manage is our answer to some of the most common frustrations of AdWords managers (including ourselves!)

  • A single, unified table: Campaigns down to keywords all in one view.
  • A fast and seamless experience: No more loading interruptions!
  • New metrics: eg. campaign and adgroup quality scores, smart calculated metrics like CPA vs. CPA Target, and more.

Learn more about why we built Manage and how it can improve your AdWords workflow in this detailed breakdown: