Opteo release notes
Opteo release notes

Improvement Queue, Ad Writer Updates, Campaign Alerts & More (1.0.1)





Our latest release (1.0.0) introduced a number of significant changes. These changes helped to build a solid foundation for new features and future improvements to the Opteo ecosystem. We appreciate your help squashing any bugs we might have missed — things are looking stable and performance should continue to improve over the coming weeks.


Now, on to the updates!


Improvement Queue


Listening to your feedback, it quickly became clear that the "Improvement Pushing" process needed to be quicker and more efficient. So we made the Improvement Queue, a quick way to push multiple improvements at once.



(1) Select the Improvements you'd like to push.


Screenshot 2.png

(2) Click the Push Improvement(s) button.


Screenshot 3.png

(3) Watch as each Improvement is pushed to your Google Ads account.


When pushing a single improvement, you can now set the confirmation window to close automatically on completion. This lets you quickly move back to your list of Active Improvements and on to your next task.

Also worth mentioning, a few new keyboard shortcuts:

q to show/hide the Improvement Queue

esc to clear all Improvements from the Queue

shift + click to add multiple Improvements to the Queue


Ad Writer Updates



In keeping with Google's latest changes, we've updated our in-app ad writer to include a third headline, second description, and 90 character limit for description text. You can choose to fill every field, or stick to two headlines and one description if you prefer.


Campaign Alerts


Screenshot 4.png

We're also excited to introduce Campaign Alerts. When overall performance appears stable, it can be difficult to stay on top of individual campaign performance. Opteo now alerts you to any major KPI fluctuations at the campaign level, so you can choose when to investigate further.


Screenshot 5.png

We've added more detail to Account Alerts, highlighting which campaigns have contributed to any unexpected changes. This extra information should help you pinpoint the source of any performance issues.


Disable Locations of Interest


Screenshot 6.png

In addition to Improvement Queue and Campaign Alerts, we've added a new improvement type: Disable Locations of Interest. It compares the campaign costs of searchers interested in your target locations to searchers actually present in your target locations.

If performance is significantly worse for those merely interested in your target locations, Opteo will suggest disabling your ads for those searchers.


Notes Export


Screenshot 7.png

Last but not least, a number of users asked for a feature to export their Notes for use outside of Opteo. Use the new Export Notes button on the Notes page to download a .CSV file containing all notes from the selected account.

That's all for now! Please do send feedback our way using the chat bubble inside the app or via email to support@opteo.com. As always, we hope you find the new updates useful. Thanks for reading!