Opteo release notes
Opteo release notes

Google Ads Reports





Today we're excited to announce the release of Reports — one of our most requested features to date. Reports is a new way to turn your performance data into beautiful, informative Google Ads reports that people love to read. Artboard.png We built Reports because we know that communication is the key to happy clients and managers. Unfortunately, most reporting tools focus on dense, data-driven dashboards that fail to provide meaningful context, or communicate with stakeholders in a way that speaks to them.

So we built a reporting tool that does things the right way.

Here's what you can do with Reports: reports-ii.png

Create beautiful reports in minutes

No more starting from scratch, staring at blank pages, or sorting through mountains of drag-and-drop widgets. Simply add your branding, select a template and hit Create Report. Opteo will generate a set of slides populated with graphs and comments, all you need to do is review and apply changes. reports-iii.png

Get automatically generated insights and advice

Opteo generates insights and advice unique to each report. For example, if an account is over budget, Opteo might tell you how much closer you are than last month, which can be used to reassure clients and managers that things are heading in the right direction. You can either copy and paste insights directly into your report, or use them as inspiration for your own comments. Work Summary Slide Opteo Reports.png

Show the value of good Google Ads management

Reports are geared towards showcasing business value. Whether managing spend sensibly, or making dozens of bid adjustments, Reports surface the hard work that goes into a successful Google Ads account. reports-vi.png

Retain clients and keep managers happy

Transparent, proactive communication is key to building healthy relationships with clients. To help you stay on top of a growing client portfolio, you can automatically generate reports on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Opteo will then send you an alert via email or Slack whenever a new report is generated.

To try Reports out for yourself, head to the Opteo app, open an account, and click Reports in the top navigation bar. We hope you find Reports useful. If you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to send us a message.