Opteo release notes
Opteo release notes

Fix Below First Page Bids & Campaign-Level Extensions (1.0.2)





Our latest update introduces two new improvement tasks.

Fix Below First Page Bid

Many of you have requested this feature via our board, so big thanks for your thoughts and insights.

When keyword bids are below the first page estimate, ads often get little to no impressions. Opteo will now flag keywords with insufficient bids — then, taking your current bid and the estimated first page bid into account, Opteo will calculate a bid increase to get your ads showing again.

Add Extensions to Campaign

Adding campaign-specific ad extensions can make your ads more relevant, often improving CTRs and increasing conversions.

Opteo will check your highest-spending campaigns for campaign-level ad extensions. If we find any opportunities, Opteo will invite you to create and push extensions live, directly from the app.

You can learn more about Fix Below First Page Bid or Add Extensions to Campaign in our help docs.

We're always keen to hear your feedback, so let us know via the chat bubble inside the app or email support@opteo.com.