Better Search Term Management

One of our most popular feature requests is to have more power and flexibility when adding new keywords from search terms.

Behold, the day has come!

Here are some new things you can do:

  • Pick which words of the search term are used to build your new keyword.
  • Change the new keyword matchtype.
  • Choose the destination (Campaign/Adgroup/NegativeList) for the new keyword.

You can also add the new keyword to a new Adgroup in one click.

  • We'll copy the best ad from the source Adgroup.
  • You can even automatically split-test a DKI version.

If you choose to customise everything, here's what it will look like:

We've renamed this task "Add Keyword From Search Term" (from "Optimize Search Query") to better reflect the new functionality.

You'll also notice that Opteo now has a much better understanding of which search terms actually need your attention (both in the Scorecard and Improvements).